My Little Stars by Isabelle Babynest is a sleeping pod with a 1" inch thick foam mattress with high, soft edges which gives a snug and narrow sleeping area. Use the Babynest when the baby sleeps between the parents in their bed or when the baby is sleeping in the baby cot, cradle or the pram so it doesn´t feel so big at the beginning. 

Always place the Babynest at adult head level when co-sleeping. Place the baby on its back. Pull the strings under the mattress. The string locks should always be at the Babynest foot end. The size is adapted to your baby by tightening the cords at the bottom. 

My Little Stars by Isabelle Standard model is used from newborn up to approximately 4 - 6 months of age and the XL model up to approximately 36 months of age. Both models will last longer with the end strings opened up completely to let the baby's feet/ legs out. (My 3 yr old still use his most days!) It will also make it a easier transition to learn to sleep in their own bed. 

My Little Stars by Isabelle Babynest's are designed with low edges so you still keep eye contact with your baby when lying next to him/her and the edges are also soft enough to lay down on when breastfeeding if needed. The Babynest is perfect to bring with you when you travel as a travel bed. It makes your baby feel at home even when you are away. 



  • The Babynest can be used in the bed between parents, in a baby cot, a cradle or in a pram. 

  • If used as co-sleeping recommended position is at adult head level. 

  • Protect the nest with a thin blanket or a cotton sheet that's breathable, preferably a muslin square or a cellular blanket or similar. 

  • Place the nest on a flat surface, on a safe distance from edges/ bed edges. 

  • Place the baby on its back. Pull the string on the Babynest to adjust the nest to be narrow and cosy. Put the string under the mattress. The string locks should always be at the beds feet end. 

  • Never carry your baby around in the Babynest. 

  • Please note that soft objects such as pillows, quilts and stuffed toys should be kept out of the babies sleeping environment. 



  • Make sure the baby is not getting too warm. 

  • Never leave babies, that are able to roll or crawl, unattended, especially when used on a flat or raised surface. 

  • Does not replace an approved car seat. 

  • Do not share a bed with your baby if you are a smoker, have been drinking alcohol, if you take medication or drugs that make you drowsy, or if you feel exhausted. 


  • The Babynest can be machine washed on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Make sure that the adjusting string knot is tied properly.

  • I advice to tumble dry the Babynest for a short time then lay the nest flat on top of a dry towel or clothes horse etc to air dry completely.

  • If no tumble dryer is available then just shake and massage it back to shape. This will enable you to reshape any of the stuffing of the bumper arm if necessary.